Ingmar Berman’s (Intermedial) Universe

Stockholm University, 2011

…One could say […] that the way that Bergman is transgressing the boundaries of classical
narration suggest a connection with the interior discourse of the author. In other words,
Bergman distinctiveness remain in his “intermedial”, personal and controversial use of (verbal, cinematic, theatrical and musical) language; what makes him an unquestionable artistic eminence…Continue Reading →

by Marc Castañé

1930’s Swedish Film

Stockholm University, 2010

…Beside all other types of propaganda, one of the tools that helped Social Democrats to expand their idea of society was throw cinema. “The swedish people seemed to never tire of hearing their language spoken on the silver screen by their beloved actors”, which means that national cinema was still very  appreciated…Continue Reading →

by Marc Castañé

“The Giallo” and Postmodernism

Stockholm University, 2010

…Argento’s complicated plots (false clues, wrong suspects, apparently incomprehensible flashbacks, twists, etc.) are representing the killer’s mental disorder and the complexity of his/her mind, in order to make the spectator feel as confused as the murderer is. The disorder of the narration have, thus, “implications not only for the characters in the drama but also for our own relation as subjects to the film itself”… Continue Reading →

by Marc Castañé

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